Can I visit the farm?

Grassroots is a working farm, which means we try to focus our time on our land and our livestock. If you’d like to visit, you can contact us to arrange a time.

Do you work with any other local businesses?

Every spring, our piglets come from Rosehill Ranch in Mississippi Mills, ON. As they grow up, they regularly feast on spent beer grains from our friends at Kitchesippi Beer Co in Ottawa, ON. Learn more about our pork.

We also sell single cuts of our meat through our friends at the Wakefield Bakery, 813 ch Riverside in Wakefield, QC.

How long have you been in business?

Brendon took over the family farm in 2010, with 15 Black Angus cattle and a plan to restore the health of the land. Learn more about the farm’s story here.


Is your meat organic?

We don’t give our animals hormones, and the pastures where they graze have never been sprayed with pesticides.

We only use antibiotics in exceptional circumstances, when an animal is seriously ill and requires intervention to save its life (unlike typical factory farms, which often dose all their animals with antibiotics).

What makes "grass-fed" / “pastured” meat different?

First of all - the flavour. You are what you eat, and our livestock are raised on diverse, nutrient-rich diets, drawn from the land where they were raised. You will taste the difference.

Second, the nutrients. All beef is a good source of protein, B vitamins, iron, and zinc. But studies have also shown that grass-fed beef is also leaner and lower in calories than grain-fed beef. Plus, it’s higher in omega-3 fats, vitamin E, and beta carotene.

But... it’s not just about what’s in it for you.

It’s also about the welfare of the animal.

We won’t get all PETA on you - you can Google the origins of conventional grocery store beef and pork (we just hope you have a strong stomach). We will say this - all our animals live a humane life, eating a diet that is aligned with their natural digestive systems and genetics. For cows, grain is not a natural food source. Feedlots just use grain as a cost-cutting way to quickly fatten up the cows for sale. Pigs thrive on a diverse diet, including grain, but also a range of other plants and insects.

And, most importantly, it’s not just about what our animals eat, but where they eat it… out in the pasture, enjoying exercise and fresh air.

How are your animals slaughtered?

We send our beef and pork to a provincially-inspected abattoir. They are loaded onto a truck in the morning, and travel the 1 hour to the facility. Within 24 hours the process is complete.

Can I get my meat custom-cut at the butcher?

If you would like custom cuts, you can order in bulk: a quarter / half / whole beef, or a half / whole pork. We sell these at their “dressed weight” (basic butchering to remove internal organs and head) and then you pay for the last mile - which means you get to choose exactly how your meat is butchered.

In order to keep our process streamlined and our costs competitive, we unfortunately can’t offer custom cuts in our CSA boxes. However, all CSA boxes contain a selection of popular cuts that suit most dinner tables.

How is my meat packaged?

All meat comes individually vacuum-sealed and frozen, packed in 10 lb boxes (about the size of a shoebox) for easy transport.

Do you deliver?

We do! (...if you live in Chelsea or La Peche, that is.)

When you sign up for a monthly CSA subscription, you can get delivery for $10 per month. The delivery cost of our bulk orders depends on the size and location.

If you live outside our delivery area, you can pick up your order at the Wakefield Bakery. It’s all part of the online ordering process - get started here.

Why does your meat cost more than the meat I buy at the grocery store?

It doesn’t. Yes, the price tag is slightly higher, but when you think of the real cost - to your health, to the health of the animals, to the environment - our meat is a bargain.

Our farming practices don’t degrade the soil or discount our livestock’s health just to grow animals bigger, faster, and cheaper. The resulting meat is more sustainable over the long term, for people and the planet - not to mention a more humane life for our cows and pigs.

To quote journalist and author Michael Pollan: “Cheap food is an illusion. There is no such thing as cheap food. The real cost of the food is paid somewhere. And if it isn’t paid at the cash register, it’s charged to the environment or to the public purse in the form of subsidies. And it’s charged to your health.”

How do I know how much meat to order?

Our ordering guide can help with that.

Can I buy single cuts of meat, like a steak or roast?

You can buy single cuts of our grass-fed beef and pork at the Wakefield Bakery, 813 ch Riverside in Wakefield, QC. You can call ahead to check their hours and make sure they have product in stock - (819) 459-1528.

If you want to try our meat but can’t commit to a CSA subscription or bulk order, you can also order a 10-lb trial box of beef or pork.


What kind of wood do you have available?

Our wood is about 85% maple. The rest is a mix of oak, ash, and beech. You can order our firewood cut and split, delivered to your home.

You can also come to the farm to process and load up the “tops” - branches that are too small to go through our wood processor. Tops are about 3-5 inches in diameter. But if you’re coming for tops, we don’t provide any tools or labour… you’re on your own. You’ll need your own equipment like a chainsaw (or a handsaw if you like to kick it old school), and a vehicle to haul the wood away.

What time of year can I order wood?

Starting in January, we take orders for the following winter. We deliver your wood in August / September. This wood will be dry and ready to burn. Contact us to order.

If you order in December for immediate delivery, we’ll deliver for free - but this wood won’t be ready to burn. You’ll need to stack it right away, so that it cures (dries) in time for the coming winter.