The Farmer

the farmer

Brendon Nesbitt-Rathwell took over the farm in 2010. At 20 years old, he could see that the grass production was minimal and the fields were becoming overgrown with undesirable weeds and tree saplings - all signs that the health of the land was in rapid decline.

He started farming with 15 Black Angus and a hunch that regenerative agriculture was the key to improving the soil and restoring the farm’s biodiversity.

In the first few months of farming, Brendon’s favourite cow developed acidosis - an illness most-commonly associated with cows that are eating a diet high in fermentable carbohydrates… like grains. The acidosis was fatal, and Brendon immediately turned away from conventional ways of raising cattle.

Since then, Brendon has expanded his knowledge and skills in regenerative agriculture, an approach that sets Grassroots apart from other farms in the region. He's not only passionate about his animals and land, but about sharing this approach with others and helping his community become more connected to the food they eat. Learn more about our approach.