Pastured Pork

Our pigs are Berkshire/Tamworth breed, which are genetically suited to a life of foraging in the fields (and are famous for their bacon!).

We get our piglets every spring from Rosehill Ranch, and raise them on a diverse diet that includes foraging in the fields, protein pellets, and spent beer grains from our friends at Kitchesippi Beer Co. The grains are full of fibre, which helps regulate the pigs’ digestive systems so that they properly absorb nutrients from other sources.

Pigs are natural rooters. Moreso than other animals, the taste of pork is influenced by what the animal eats. On the farm, they forage for grasses, roots, grubs, nuts, insects, and berries. This diversity in our pigs’ diet makes their meat flavourful and unique to the land where they are raised - which means you can’t find pork exactly like ours anywhere else.

There’s only one way to see what we mean. You can order our pork CSA boxes, or bulk order a half or whole pork.