Grass-Fed Beef

Our cows are Black Angus, a tough and hardy breed of cow (they’re Scottish, no wonder!) that can thrive through harsh winter weather.

They calve every spring, just in time for the new arrivals to benefit from the warmer weather and the nutritional peak of the grass in our pastures. The calves stay with their mother for the first summer, before being weaned on hay in the fall. They spend their second year grazing on pasture - unlike conventional beef which is shipped to crowded feedlots, where they eat grain (not a natural food source for a cow) to quickly and cheaply fatten them for sale.

In the fall and winter, we bale graze our beef in the pastures, until the snow gets too deep for them to maneuver. By providing them bales of hay in the fields, instead of confining them to a barn or feeding yard, they continue to enjoy fresh air and exercise, and their manure is naturally spread over our pastures to feed soil organisms and fertilize the land in the spring.

Our grass-fed Angus beef is delicious and tender, with excellent marbling. Studies have shown that grass-fed beef is higher in nutrients like omega-3s, and lower in calories. It is also treated more humanely than feedlot beef, with access to pastures, fresh air, and exercise.

You can order our beef CSA boxes, or bulk order a quarter, half, or whole beef. We also sell ground beef in bulk.