Bulk Orders

If you have an appetite for good-quality meat and the freezer space to accommodate it, our one-time bulk purchases are the most economical way to enjoy our beef and pork.

We sell our meat by dressed weight. That means the basic butchering is complete (internal organs removed, etc.) but it has not been butchered into individual cuts. You pay for the remainder of the butchering, which means you get the meat cut exactly how you want it... Thick juicy steaks? Spicy sausage? Five pounds of jerky? Your call.



Quarter - $5.30/lb*

Half - $4.90/lb*

Whole - $4.75/lb*

A typical whole beef is about 300 lbs.


Half - $5.25/lb*

Whole - $5.00/lb*

A typical whole pork is about 100 lbs.


*plus butchering, typically $0.79/lb and up


20 lbs - $175

40 lbs - $340

Order through our online system. Any questions? Get in touch.

If you want to sample our meat before you commit, you can order a trial box of our grass-fed beef or pastured pork - or look for our single cuts at the Wakefield Bakery.