Bulk Beef - Quarter, Half & Whole

Sale price Price $700.00 Regular price

You can buy a quarter, half, or whole beef. You pay the down payment upon ordering, and the remainder after slaughter (once we have the exact weight of the animal).

A typical whole beef is around 650 lbs, pricing as follows:

  • Quarter beef is $5.30/lb (down payment $300)
  • Half beef is $4.90/lb (down payment $500)
  • Whole beef is $4.75/lb (down payment $700)

That price is for the carcass weight - after the organs, head, etc. have been removed, but before the beef has been processed into individual cuts (steaks, roasts, ground beef, etc).

We put you in touch with our butcher, and you specify your cut preferences. Butchering starts at $0.85/lb plus a flat butchering fee of $180 per animal (you pay your share based on your order).

We'll contact you upon receiving your order to let you know when we're next slaughtering - so that you can have your freezer space ready to go!